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Wind Turbines

A wind turbine converts wind power into energy which is converted to electricity for use as domestic wind turbines and commercial scales. Wind electricity is widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly method of producing green electricity. Wind is a free alternative energy source, and particularly abundant in the U.K.

Wind turbine technology has evolved greatly, the main systems available are either a vertical axis wind turbine or a horizontal axis wind turbine. The vertical is now regarded as the most efficient system, as well as being the quietest, which is a relevant benefit to any home wind turbine.

In order to harness windpower effectively the correct size of turbine will need to be installed. In many cases there will be enough surplus electricity to supply back to the grid and earn money from your wind generator. Even a small wind turbine can create significant amounts of electricity, and are frequently used in conjunction with other electricity generators such as solar power.

Wind TurbinesWind Turbines

Wind TurbinesWind TurbinesWind Turbines

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