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Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heaters can be a valuable addition to any property that requires a hot water supply. The main advantage is the reduction to future energy bills. Solar water heating can provide you with about half of your hot water needs.

Solar Thermal Water systems are very efficient nowadays and can be tailored to your requirements to produce a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces the amount of gas, oil and electricity required to heat water in your home. There are two main types of systems in the market: "Flat Panel Solar Water Heating system " and "Evacuated tube systems". Evacuated tube systems are more advanced in design than flat plate, and so tend to be more expensive.

Solar Tube Company can supply entire kits of both flat panel and evacuated tube system. All our product come with manufacturer warranty, testing report and recognised certificates. Read following sections to learn more.

Evacuated Tubes

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Evacuated tubes are regarded as the most efficient and cost effective solar water heating method of producing natural hot water. As the name suggests the tubes contain a vacuum which has been manufactured with a single, double or triple wall construction. The glass on the inner tube is coated on its outer surface with an absorbent coating, and on its inner surface with a reflective coating. The tubes are vacuums which have a copper heat pipe which runs through the middle of the tube. The heat pipe carries the heat, which is generated by infra red radiation, up the tube to be collected. The heat pipe contains anti freeze which allows heat to be generated even in freezing temperatures.

The heat from the copper pipe is transferred into the Header Pipe through which more antifreeze flows. This heated antifreeze is then pumped through the hot water tank where the water gets hotter and the antifreeze gets cooler. The antifreeze then returns to the solar heating module to be heated again. This flow is constant resulting in the water in the tank becoming hot.

Solar Tube

This incredibly simple system is a sealed system, which means that minimal maintenance is required over its life. Individual tubes can be simply replaced should the need arise. The system can easily heat water to 90 degrees on hot days, and even at very cold temperatures or when there is no sunlight will contribute to the heating of the water up to around 50 degrees, from which point the standard heating system will top up the requirements.

Solar Tube Basic Specifications

Solar Tube Company produces F47,F58,F70 mm pipe diameter tubes and the length can be available from 1200mm to 2100mm, inner tube with AI--N/AI , Cu/Ss-ALN/ALN selective compound absorb coating.

1, Single target vacuum tubes (Twin Wall)

Solar Tube basic sample picture   


  1. Single target sputtering plating
  2. Structure: all glass double-tube coaxial structure
  3. Material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
  4. Al-N/Al absorb coating
  5. Capabilities:
    • Fast thermal collecting efficiency
    • High heat resistance
    • Super cold resistance
  6. Specific absorption: As= 0.90-0.93(AM1.5)
  7. Average heat loss coefficient: 0.6-0.7W/m²oC

2, Triple-Cavity Tubes (Triple Wall)

Solar Tube basic sample picture  


Adding one more complete glass tube to the standard twin wall system, increase heating efficiency by up to 40%.

  1. Structure: all glass coaxial dual-tube, an inner tube into a dual-glass outer tube
  2. Material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
  3. Thermal collecting efficiency increased 40%



  • Product warranty: 3 years

Certificate: CE, (Solar Keymark is available)

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